Friday, 23 November 2012

Water, Water

Everywhere is wet.  Under foot it's wet, under the trees it's wet and where it's not wet, it's flooded.  Here, among the trees of Peewit Carr, what is usually just a damp patch, this morning was a small lake trying to become a large lake.
 After the rains of the past couple of days, the Nutbrook Canal is in full flow again making the scene through the trees dark, wet and muddy-looking.
At least the weather was much better this morning, so despite the wet, we had a good walk - albeit keeping to the made-up paths.  The view from the top of the bank which acts as a barrier between two lakes, all was sunny and bright.  You can just see the lake to the right has risen to encroach on the grassy banks.
Difficult to imagine, but not too long ago, if we had been standing on this spot, we would probably have been looking straight at the front of a train hurtling towards us on it's way to Ilkeston Station about a half mile behind us.
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