Saturday, 3 September 2011


There are a number of large, old Oak trees around these parts.  There are some much younger ones too and it was to one of these that my attention was turned this morning.  For a small tree - no more than 7ft tall - it had a good many acorns adorning it's branches and it didn't seem to be affected by any Gall Wasp infestation.  Most of the Pedunculate or English Oaks (Quercus robur) around here are festooned with galls of all shapes and sizes.. Spangle galls, Knopper galls, Oak Apples, Artichoke galls and Marble galls abound, all caused by different, minute gall wasp species.  But these were looking pristine and untouched by any insect attacker.
Good news for Malcolm, who gets a 'fit of the shudders' at the mention of any type of Wasp, even the tiny, non-stinging gall wasps.
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