Friday, 29 July 2011


Malcolm and I have been having some success with our garden produce this year.  Despite the garden being very small, we are growing several things for the dining table.  We have started harvesting the tomatoes already and have started our second large pot of carrots - the first crop were delicious.  The basil is also going down well and the garlic is small, but powerful.  As well as all that, we have a trough full of Anaheim Chili-pepper plants which are starting to set fruit.  They have been rather decorative in flower too.  Small in size, but white and waxy, they are quite nice to look at.  Lets hope the chilies are nice too when we harvest them - should go well with the tomatoes, basil and garlic.
Our walk this morning took in the path around Shipley Lake - the old theme-park site - keen as we were to see how this year's crop of Blackberries are getting on (not quite ready yet).  Heading home again, the views from various bits of high ground are rather fine.  This one is from an old bank, once the site of several railway lines, looking towards town.
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