Wednesday, 23 February 2011


The weather was still damp and grey and miserable this morning, so we walked the same route as yesterday - but the other way round.  The nature reserve known as Pewit Carr is fully saturated at the moment.  Water flows from one pool to another and even ducks have taken to dabbling in the thick undergrowth.
The Alders which are so typical of this kind of landscape, are opening their pendulous catkins and the Willows are beginning to sprout and burst forth with the promise of Springtime.  For the time-being however, rain drips from the trees and plops into the pools disrupting the reflections within the woodland.
Nearby, those Willows I mentioned, are dotted with dew which glistens in what little light there is.  Glorious in the dull weather, but how much more sparkly would they be in sunlight?
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