Friday, 26 March 2010

Long Walk

On the middle Saturday, Malcolm and I took a long walk (a round trip of a little over 10 miles in all), to the small resort to the south of Benidorm, known as Finestrat. The small beach is rather lovely, but the town itself is very busy with building works and on the day we were there, a market.
From the seafront, you can see the northern end of Benidorm, from where we had walked that morning. You can just make it out in this picture, between the rocks.
Growing all along the seafront, were lots of white, frothy flowers growing in the sandy soil. They are White Mignonette (Reseda alba).
Making our way back to our apartment, we walked past the imposing edifice of the Gran Bali Hotel. At 610 ft high, it is the tallest building in Spain and the second Tallest hotel in Europe.
Completed in 2002, it was built entirely without need for loans, which is why it took 14 years to build. This is one of only 9 buildings on the European continent that reach 50 or more storeys.
There are 2 separate panoramic elevators which can also be used in case of an emergency. What a sight!
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