Thursday, 4 March 2010


Spring must be on the way. The Robins (Erithacus rubecula) are always a little belligerent to say the least, but at the moment, they are positively murderous.
This little fellow is currently standing guard on the grass in front of our window and chasing off almost all other birds which dare to set foot on it's 'patch'. The poor little Dunnocks (Prunella modularis) are being particularly singled out for rough-and-tumble.
While at my mum's house on Monday, there were a couple of Stock Doves (Columba oenas) in her garden, pecking around under the bird feeders, waiting for the smaller birds to drop some tasty pickings. Not always easy to distinguish from other doves and pigeons, these are more commonly seen in open countryside rather than urban gardens like mum's.
Back home and another visitor to our garden. This time, a four legged one who would give the Robin a run for it's money, given half a chance. Oscar, the cat from next-door has grown somewhat larger since I last posted his picture on here, but remains absolutely gorgeous.
And rather photogenic!
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