Friday, 7 August 2009

What of the Fuchsia?

Following yesterday's greatly truncated walk - due to my new shoes and the blisters they caused, we ventured into town this morning to purchase some more. So, no wildlife walk this morning, but, nil desperandum, I have some in 'reserve'. To begin, some fuchsia flowers from our garden.
Originating in South America, these plants have become extremely popular in British gardens. The flower shape is perfect for the humming birds which were their original pollinators, but the bees also love them. They are named after a 16th century, Bavarian plantsman, Leonhart Fuchs.
Closer to home, we found a small patch of Water Mint (Mentha aquatica) growing beside the paths and ditches of Shipley Park.
A European native, they grow wherever there is boggy soil or shallow water and spread widely by means of underground stems or rhizomes. The leaves have the well known, strong mint scent - perfect for a cooling summer drink, assuming we ever get weather hot enough to need a cooling drink!
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