Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Nature's Bounty

Having a tin of condensed milk in the kitchen cupboard, it is imperative to have blackberries to go with it. The combination is a match made in Heaven. So, with this in mind, Malcolm and I took a small bag with us this morning as we walked around Shipley Park and collected some wild Blackberries. The bushes are loaded this year and there are millions of berries left for the birds and wasps, despite the dozens of people who seem to be foraging in the hedgerows this year. We returned with a bag full of black beauties ready for the 'sticky milk' (as it is known in our family). Yummy!
Home for lunch and Malcolm made a plate of pasta with freshly picked tomatoes from our garden, straight from the vine and into the pan, you don't get fresher than that.
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