Wednesday, 29 July 2009


I see this morning that the Met Office has had to revise it's forecast of a 'Barbecue Summer' and the promise of a warm and sunny August. Instead, it has now said we are likely to have an 'unsettled' August - a much used euphemism for piddling down. Well what do you know? Who would have thought that it would take hundreds of scientists, thousands of hours of meticulous work and millions of pounds of our money, to come up with that gem of knowledge? Has the Met Office lost the plot? Or is it just the lap-dog of the Government saying anything Gordon Brown wants it to say just to get people to spend their money at home this year instead of flying off on a much cheaper holiday abroad? Probably both!
Honestly, we would be better off with an old crone on the television, consulting a piece of seaweed and a dried up old pine cone to tell us the nightly forecast. Like so many sections of our modern society, the more sophisticated we become, the more technology we throw at things and the more money it costs, the worse off we become. I suppose now the Met Office have said August is going to be wet, we will be in for a month of drought and record temperatures - watch this space!
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