Thursday, 9 July 2009

Great Reedmace

A tall and stately plant known to most of us. Often incorrectly called Bullrushes in this country.The Great Reedmace (Typha angustifolia)
This plant is more familiar to us all during the Autumn and Winter months as it produces large, brown seed spikes looking like the floral equivalent of a sausage, impaled on top of a tall reed stem - as seen in a previous post HERE.
At this time of year they are in full flower with a spike of pollen-producing male flowers atop the female 'sausage', still green in colour.
The quantity of pollen produced is quite extraordinary, as can be verified by tapping on the stem and watching the clouds of it dissipate in the wind. The stems of these reedmaces are edible and in certain parts of the world, especially Vietnam, eaten widely - there, called Bon Bon.
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