Friday, 30 January 2009

Signs of faith.

In the heart of the old town of Benidorm, overlooking the Plaça del Castell, sits the church of St. James - or to give it it's correct title, Iglesia de San Jaime. Built in 1740, the blue tiled domes of St. James' church are one of the best known landmarks in Benidorm. Seen here looking up from the walls of the harbour.Inside the church is like many others in Spain, richly decorated, beautifully adorned with icons and idols - and the entrance is usually blocked with beggars trying to rid you of your hard-earned euros!

High above the Poniente end of Benidorm to the south, is a small building referred to as the Hermitage.

Sitting on a rocky outcrop over 150ft above the beaches, the small building houses a 'grotto' dedicated to the 'Virgen del Mar'.It could be argued that She has one of the finest views over Benidorm and far off into the surrounding countryside.
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