Saturday, 31 January 2009

Old Town

As mentioned, the old town of Benidorm has some beautiful parts to enjoy. Narrow, cobbled streets reminiscent of 'The Shambles' in York take you from the levante beach up to the Placa del Castell and the church of St. James. The presence of these cannon are an obvious reminder of the area's past.There are no discernible remains of the castle now but the 'placa' where it once stood is a wonderful part of the city and affords the visitor some great views of the beaches either side.

White tiled, with whitewashed balustrades around, it's a lovely place to sit and enjoy the sun.On the seaward side of the 'Placa' there is a long flight of stairs leading down to a smaller viewing platform. On a windy day the surf comes crashing up the rocks below and it then becomes clear why the whole promontory is beginning to overhang the sea - quite unnerving!

It's all a long way from this map of Benidorm from 1575 which shows the castle but almost nothing else! How things change in 400 years.

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