Tuesday, 8 October 2019

Turning Leaves

As Autumn continues to spread throughout the countryside, the leaves are turning rapidly and on a breezy day like today, they are beginning to fall too. Along our walk this morning, the Maples were starting to look spectacular, particularly when viewed against a bright blue sky.
Sunny days have been a bit scarce lately, so it was nice to get out and about this morning without a cloud in the sky.
In the shade on Shipley Hill, the sun filtered through the leaves, lighting up the Autumn colours here too.
Around the village of Mapperley, the cattle were looking comfortable in their field, also enjoying the sunshine.
Another source of bright colour, is the abundance of berries which are ripening in the hedgerows. These Holly berries were making things look a lot like Christmas!
Much more Autumn colour to come - we hope.

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