Friday, 3 February 2017


Being out and about in the sunshine once more, Malcolm and I took our walk this morning, to Mapperley via Shipley Hill. Following so much rain and generally dull, drizzly and frankly horrible weather, it was still very wet under foot. All was quiet at the reservoir.
The weather forecast had suggested it would be windy today, but as usual, they seem to have got it wrong again.
Turning from the water, I looked down the other side of the road, through the woodland and the water channels which run through it, taking away any overflow.
The woodlands around these parts are all beginning to show signs of Snowdrops to come. In some parts, they will be in full bloom very soon. One plant which is in bloom already, is the Hazel. Always very early to open their flowers, they seem particularly eager to show their true colours this year.
The long, green, male catkins are easily seen, but the tiny, red, female flowers need a much closer look.
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