Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Almost Finished

We're very nearly there! By yesterday afternoon, the kitchen was finished and Malcolm and I were left to clean up and start to get things back to normal.
Now it's just a case of touching up some paintwork - particularly where the heating pipes have been boxed in. Then we need to clean up the dust, fill the cupboards, clean up some more dust, polish the surfaces, more dust, fill in some holes in the floor, yet more dust, remove the old blind and fit the new roller blind and clean up some more dust!!
Finally, I managed to get the blind fitted while Malcolm dusted and filled cupboards, then it was definitely time to crack open a good bottle of red to 'wet the baby's head'.
All that's left now is the new vinyl flooring, which will be fitted on Thursday, then we will be able to celebrate Christmas. Whew!
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