Tuesday, 29 November 2016


We have been waiting for a decent frost for some time this year. Perhaps I should say that 'I' have been waiting for one, Malcolm hasn't! So it was wonderful to see the thermometer this morning, touching - 4 degrees and a sparkling coating of frost on the grass, fences and bushes.
Setting out for our walk, we were clothed in coats, hats and scarves against the chill despite the brilliant sunshine and blue skies.
Hawthorn bushes were sparkling with frost glinting in the sun while their bright red berries gleamed in their ripeness.
A little digital 'bloom' on the scene makes it look even more chilly.
Down to Parker's Bridge and here, the sun was filtering through a slight mist.
Onward and upward, we climbed Shipley Hill and walked through the woodland to appear again looking to the east. Here, the smoke from a Wildlife Trust's bonfire rose into the still, cold air.
All quite beautiful, but it was time to turn for home and warm up with some hot coffee.
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