Wednesday, 14 September 2016


It's that time of year, when our homes are invaded by various bugs and beasties which have no business being there. Having spent the summer in larval form, eating the roots of our garden plants, the Crane Flies or Daddy Long-legs have started to make their presence felt. You only need to leave a window open for few seconds with the lights on, and you will be likely to have one of these insects flitting about your room. Among the most common in Britain is one called Tipula oleracea. This one was found on our patio doors this morning.
The blunt end to the abdomen shows that this is a male fly.
Crane flies have very obvious halters. Modified from hind wings, they are drum-stick shaped organs which help the fly to maintain stability in flight.
If you haven't noticed these creatures yet, stick around, they will soon be flitting around your living room too!
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