Tuesday, 20 September 2016


The colours of Autumn are beginning to show around the countryside. This morning, as Malcolm and I took our usual stroll around Shipley Park, the Maple trees were starting to turn from their summer green to autumn gold.
Their distinctive 'helicopter' seeds were clinging to the ends of the branches, waiting for a breeze to send them whirling to the ground.
Further on, we paused for a while by Osborne's Pond where the Coots were busy diving for food on the bottom of the lake.
Then it was onward, up to Shipley Hill where the hedges were bejewelled with the brightest red, the fruits of the Yew trees.
These colourful little fruits are actually modified cones, each containing just one seed and while the seed itself is poisonous, the red, fleshy part or 'aril' is edible.
Yew seed cones develop and ripen over a period of several weeks, increasing the likelihood that they will be eaten and dispersed by birds.
No doubt we will be returning to these gorgeous, red fruits for more pictures later in the season.
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