Saturday, 27 February 2016


A few days ago, we found, growing on a dead tree stump, a rather curious fungus. This fungus is reputed to have powerful cancer-fighting qualities as well as the ability to repair the auto-immune system. For such a potentially useful fungus, it looks somewhat unpromising.
Most fungi tend to be fleshy and rather soft to the touch. This one - the Many-zoned Polypore (Coriolus Versicolor) - however, is hard and woody and grows in fan-shaped terraces up the side of the tree trunk. In North America, it is sometimes called 'Turkey-tail' due to it's resemblance to that wild bird's banded tail feathers.
Whether this fungus has any effect in the treatment of cancers, is still open to debate, but it's worth closer inspection anyway.
Further round our walk, we ventured onto Slack Lane and were impressed (as always) by the Highland Cattle which were munching on some fresh hay in the field alongside.
This small group of assorted cattle - one at least had some Belted Galloway in its make-up - were too busy munching the hay to be interested in us, but were enjoying the sunshine as much as we were.
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