Monday, 25 January 2016


After a very brief cold spell, we've settled back into the mild, wet and breezy conditions which we have come come to expect this winter. Very wet under foot, with mud everywhere and puddles threatening to soak a badly placed training shoe, we set out for Pewit Carr this morning.
Crossing the footbridge over the old Nutbrook Canal, the water was grey and muddy too. The overhanging trees and shrubs were every bit as grey as the water. Probably the only colour came from the moss growing on the wooden hand rail.
Onward to Straw's Bridge and the Blackthorn trees which grow around the lake, have started to bloom in the unusually mild weather.
Last year, we had to wait until well in to March before we got to enjoy these delightful little flowers. What a difference a year makes. These Blackthorn flowers are about eight weeks ahead of last year.
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