Monday, 24 August 2015

Few More Pix

Late Summer always sees the hedgerows flushing with a second wave of colour. In the hedges themselves, the Snowberry Bushes are fruiting and flowering all at the same time. Round, succulent, white fruits...
... follow the tiny, pink flowers.
Related to the Pheasant berry and Honeysuckle, these berries are a great source of food for Pheasants (unsurprisingly), grouse and quail. Snowberries are poisonous to humans however, causing dizziness and vomiting.
Closer to the ground, the Toadflax (Linaria vulgaris) is a welcome sight at this time of year. The common name Butter-and-eggs sums up the appearance of these colourful flowers.
The flower structure is reminiscent of the familiar Snapdragon, to which they are closely related. A tea made from the leaves of Toadflax is said to be a good laxative and diuretic. A cream made from the flowers and leaves can be used to treating piles too. Very useful!
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