Friday, 17 July 2015


Two plants with 'meadow' in their names, are in full bloom right now. Firstly, the spectacular, blue flowers of the Meadow Cranesbill (Geranium pratense).
These are growing close to Mapperley Reservoir and are present in abundance. as the plant ages towards the end of Summer, the leaves and stems will darken and turn red, adding to the spectacle. But for now, we can just appreciate those wonderful flowers.
The second of our 'meadow' themed flowers can also be found in great numbers growing around the reservoir, but is almost everywhere else where the ground is moist. This is the Meadowsweet (Filipendula ulmaria).
Huge quantities of frothy, cream-coloured flowers fill the air with a delicious scent at this time of year. Indeed the flowers were once used as a 'strewing herb', literally strewn across the floors in houses to freshen the air and make your average medieval home a little more pleasant to live in.
Here those lovely creamy flowers are competing with the white umbels of the Hog Weed along the footpath at Mapperley Reservoir.
Not only a feast for the eyes, but for the nose too.
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