Tuesday, 3 February 2015


This morning, we set off for a walk through Shipley Park and on to Osborne's Pond and Shipley Hill. At Osborne's Pond, we found the surface frozen over and coated in a thin dusting of snow following the short but heavy shower first thing. All very picturesque, but it makes life tricky for the waterfowl which make their homes there. The Mute Swans however, didn't seem too put out by it all.
Photographing white against white can be tricky, especially when your camera is set to 'automatic' settings, as they can get rather confused.
All seemed to be getting along together... except one individual male bird, who was doing his best to keep the one small area of clear water to himself and (presumably) his mate. The others were not impressed by all his posturing.
It was all rather lovely, but exceedingly cold as the wind whipped up and blew across the lake.
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