Wednesday, 29 October 2014


While enjoying our walk around Shipley Hill yesterday, our attention was drawn towards a large bird, sitting in an old ash tree.  It was a Buzzard (Buteo buteo).
Despite the sunny weather - or maybe because of it - it was not easy getting a good picture of this magnificent creature.  Its dark plumage and the dark tree, set against a very bright sky, it all adds up to a not-too-good shot.  But undaunted, I gave it a try and the results were not too disastrous.
The Buzzard has overtaken the Kestrel as Britain's most numerous raptor.  Certainly around these parts, there are always plenty of Buzzards to be found circling around the fields and crying out with their plaintive, mewing call, similar to that of a cat.
Despite their large size and fearsome aspect, Buzzards are more likely to be seen feeding on carrion and even earthworms, than to be swooping on and killing small mammals and birds.  Quite a sight!
To inject a little colour into today's posting, I have to turn once again to the autumn leaves. These were from a Maple (of course) growing alongside the footpath as we returned home.
The golden hues contrasted nicely with the silvery-white bark of a sawn-up Silver Birch tree lying in the leaf litter beneath.
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