Friday, 14 June 2013

Swan Lake

After a couple of days of poor weather, we managed to get out and about again this morning for a walk around to Straw's Bridge and what is locally known as Swan Lake.  We wanted to check up on the Mallard ducklings and were pleased to see that they were all doing very well.  The Moorhens were also doing well, but no chicks for them I'm afraid.  This one is busy trying to be invisible among the Water Mint.
Among the wild Mallards, we have acquired a few escaped domestic ducks.  These are much larger than the 'native' ducks and their deep and guttural quacks are easily heard among the quacking chatter of the rest.  Most of the escapees are white, including this slumbering individual.
Back home and I took advantage of the dry spell, to mow the lawn and plant out the runner beans, these will no doubt provide a good meal for the slugs and snails, long before they provide any beans for us!  Our garden - and the house too for that matter - seem to be full of spiders at the moment.  These tiny baby Garden Spiders (Araneus diadematus) were bunching together for safety on our patio doors a few days ago.  Lets hope they keep to their name and stay in the garden!
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