Wednesday, 26 June 2013


Things have bee somewhat hectic these past few days, so it was nice to get out for a good long walk again this morning.  We did manage to get a short walk yesterday and chose a different route for us, taking us along the old and disused Nottingham Canal.
Opened in 1796 and mostly closed in 1937, the stretch closest to us is now a rather beautiful nature reserve.  The water is full of fish and weed and there are thousands of water lilies too.  In parts, some of the old lock-gate infrastructure is still visible and although the gates have long gone, there are plenty of small footbridges to stand on in order to admire the views along the water.  On a fine, sunny morning, there can be few things nicer.
We spotted Pike in the water, Coots and Moorhens, both with young and a family of Mallards, again with young, swimming about the lily pads.  Close by, a Grey Heron was keeping his eye on us as we passed and hundreds of Swallows and House Martins were feeding on the flies which buzzed around the canal.  Sadly, our walk was all too short and we soon had to get back to the 'real world'.
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