Thursday, 13 December 2012


Another bitterly cold morning greeted us as we stepped out of the front door today.  The thermometer was showing well below freezing and Hoar Frost was decorating the branches.  We set out for Head House Farm and the surrounding countryside and the footpath near there were lined by sharp, barbed wire and even sharper frost.
Closer to the farm and having made a fuss of the rather chubby Black Labrador which came to see if we were carrying anything edible, we were impressed by the sparkling hedgerows.
All was looking seasonal and the 'Christmas-like' scene was made all the more special when we noticed the Holly hedge which was covered in frost which made it look even more 'spiky' than usual.  Very Festive!
Back home - via some shopping at Aldi - for something warming (only coffee this time!).
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