Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Arthur's Seat

I have mentioned our incredible good fortune at having such wonderful weather while in Edinburgh.  Nowhere was this more in evidence than when we took a stroll around Holyrood Park and Arthur's Seat.  The bright, blue sky and low sun were just perfect.
The high Basalt cliffs looked spectacular in the 'watery' winter sunshine as the bitter temperature nipped our noses.
The Park has many noteworthy features, not least of which is the small Dunsapie Loch at it's eastern side.  Always peaceful and affording fine views, it too was looking perfect on such a day as this. Only the squabbling gulls on the water, broke the stillness.
On the Northern side of the park, as we got back to our starting point near the Palace of Holyrood House, another, smaller loch, known as St. Margaret's Loch is overlooked by the ruins of St. Andrew's Chapel and is home to dozens of swans, ducks and dog-walkers.
Time to head back and get warm again with a glass of mulled wine, before heading out in the evening for the festivities.
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