Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Wet, Wet, Wet

Despite the doom-laden forecast for this morning, the promise of yet more heavy rain and the 'amber' flood warnings in force, Malcolm and I were not in fact 'confined to barracks' today, but managed to get a short, dry walk around Straw's Bridge once again.  Following the flooding at the weekend, we wondered if we would be able to walk around Swan Lake today and were delighted to see that the water level had dropped to a more normal state.  But, the sight of such huge quantities of water last Saturday was so jaw-dropping that I thought we might have a few more pictures.  Firstly, the path we took this morning, which was about a foot under water on Saturday morning.
Another of the lakes had out-grown its boundaries and was encroaching upon the woodland surrounding it, making it impossible to walk through the trees to get a better view.
One more result of all this wetness, is the proliferation of slugs and snails.  Our garden, like many others, seems to have been taken over by these slimy little devils.  Now, I quite like slugs and snails (except when they're eating our beans, basil and peppers), so here is a close-up of the face of a garden snail (Helix aspersa).  A face only a mother could love...!
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