Saturday, 7 July 2012

Water, Water Everywhere

Following yesterday's deluge, Malcolm and I set out to have a look at the lakes of Straw's Bridge this morning.  We were expecting the Brook and old Canal to be rather full, but we were not expecting quite as much water as we found there.  Here, where there is usually just a placid flow of water, a gushing torrent was spilling over onto the banks and into the storm drain.
Further along, we got to 'Swan Lake' to find that our usual walk around the lake was impossible this morning.  Where the footpath was, now coots and ducks swam and the trees which normally stand up on the banks, were standing several feet deep in the water.
Odd to think that just a few weeks ago, the water level in this lake was becoming so low that we were beginning to think it dry up altogether.  Now it is spilling over the banks and well into the surrounding grassland.  Judging by the mud clinging to branches and trees around Peewit Carr, the water level there had been at least two feet higher than it was this morning and everywhere the reed beds were battered flat where flood water had forced through.  Here, two swans were enjoying their extra swimming space and feeding among the vegetation which was, until yesterday, growing well up the bank of this lake.
No shortage of water here!
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