Wednesday, 12 October 2011


Yesterday, the forecast had been for a cloudy, but mostly dry day.  So, it rained all day!
Today, the forecast was for a cool, drizzly day.  So, it was beautiful, warm sunshine as Malcolm and I stepped out for our walk.  Honestly!  Could the forecasters get it any more wrong?
Just a couple of pics for today.  Firstly of the sunny scene across Shipley Park, looking South.
Secondly, the view across Shipley Lake and the rapidly defoliating trees.  Another few days of high winds like we've had recently should see most of the trees bare.
The diminishing number of leaves had one advantage this morning.  We were able to get a good view of a pair of Greater Spotter Woodpeckers and single Green Woodpecker, high in the bare branches.  Sadly, too high up for a good photo, but you can't win them all.
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