Tuesday, 20 July 2010


A shorter walk today with a more urban flavour.  Malcolm and I needed to take a look at a couple of shops on, what is known locally as the Waterside Retail Park, so we decided to walk there, through town and make a full, circular route of it.
Mapping our route, it turns out we still managed to cover over three and a half miles, plus whatever distance we covered, up and down the isles of Focus and Poundstretcher. The walk took us along the new bypass which opened last year called Millership Way, the first time we have walked along this part of the road.
Here is our route...
I am hoping to add a few pictures of our walk a little later, but at the moment, I am having camera trouble and am attempting to rescue the pictures from my 'corrupted' storage card. So, fingers crossed and keep looking back!
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