Wednesday, 23 June 2010


The small fishing town of Padstow lies a few miles along the coast from Newquay and it was on Tuesday last week, that Malcolm and I took the bus there. What a white-knuckle ride that turned out to be! The bus was a double-decker which gave us fantastic views over the tops of the hedges which otherwise block your view. But the tiny, narrow roads which we went along were never designed with buses in mind and as such it was a slow and, at times, alarming journey.
We got there at last and the weather smiled upon us as we wandered around the town. My goodness, it was busy though!
The harbour area, which is always the busiest part of town was thronged with visitors, so we just had to take a moment and have a sit down in one of the harbour-front cafes. And if you sit in a cafe in Cornwall, it is compulsory to have a Cornish Cream-Tea! Absolutely delicious.
We took a walk along the fields out of the town to get a look at the estuary and the vast expanses of beach which line the way into Padstow from the sea. It really is a glorious place to walk and a little quieter than the town itself.
The birds sang and a light breeze took some of the heat out of the sun as we walked along enjoying the views. The hedgerows were filled to overflowing with wild flowers and insects which made the walk even more enjoyable. Even this Pigeon seemed to be enjoying himself - he certainly wanted to get in the picture anyway!
Back to the town and a walk through the less crowded back streets to take in the older, more quaint parts of what has been a fishing village for at least 1500 years, since the Welsh missionary, Saint Petroc, landed there in about 500AD and named the place Petroc-stow.
Back to the bus for our journey back to Newquay. This time we had a smaller, single-decker bus which was more comfortable and infinitely less alarming! A good day all round and I can still taste the Clotted CreamMMMMMMM......
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