Friday, 29 January 2010


There are many tall buildings in Benidorm as I have mentioned before. The tallest of them all is the Gran Hotel Bali which stands some 610ft tall and was the tallest building in mainland Europe until the Hotel Ukraine was built in Moscow. It remains the tallest building in Spain. It has 52 floors above ground.
At the the other end of the resort, there stand two more tall buildings. The first of which is the Edificio Don Jorge. Standing some 407ft and 36 floors it is a residential block containing 165 apartments.

The building was completed in 2008 and stands next to another very tall building, the Torre Lugano.
The Lugano was also completed in 2008 and is the second tallest building in Benidorm at 518ft and 43 floors above ground and 5 underground for car parking. Although it is the second tallest building, it is actually the highest building in the town reaching 778ft above sea level, it's top at about the same height as the cross on the Sierra Gelada which overlooks the scene.
Sadly, a builder working on the construction, fell to his death from the 36th floor in 2006!
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