Saturday, 30 January 2010


There are two 'Plaças', in the old part of the town of Benidorm, standing next to each other and very popular with the locals and tourists alike. The Plaça de la Señoría is a wonderful, shady place to sit and enjoy the views out to sea while listening to the bells of the Church of St. James, surrounded by palms and Bird-of-Paradise plants and a statue dedicated to those souls lost at sea.
The larger of the two Plaças is the Plaças del Castell, which as the name suggests, is built on the remains of the old castle. Covered in gleaming, white tiles and dotted with trees and white doves, it is also a very popular place to sit and enjoy the sunshine.
The maritime tradition of Spain and Benidorm in particular, is picked up on with the placing of a very anchor on the square.
The church of St. James overlooks the whole scene with its famous blue-tiled domes and the need for a little 'touching up' on the white-washed walls. The inside of the church is superbly elaborate, colourful and typically Spanish catholic!
Almost nothing remains of the old castle - a few foundation stones are still there, propping up the modern square, but they are not at all obvious to the casual passer-by.
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