Friday, 10 April 2009

Orrest Head

Back again from our short break in the Lake District. It's always good to get away before the main holiday starts, so you can avoid the worst of the crowds. Crowds are almost always the thing in 'The Lakes' so avoiding them is not easy. If we had listened to the weather forecasters' gloomy predictions, we would have been inclined to cancel the break altogether. We were supposed to have almost wall-to-wall rain, but in the end we had it rather good - if a little overcast.
We took our two mothers and Monday saw us all enjoying a 'freedom of the Lakes' boat/ferry ticket on Windermere. Malcolm and I headed off through Bowness, up to the town of Windermere and eventually up Orrest Head. Famous for being the first of the Lakeland fells climbed by Wainwright and which started him on his lifelong love of the fells, it is also famous in our family as the last resting place of Malcolm's father, Albert (affectionately known as "Moose").

Not a bad place to 'end up'!
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