Sunday, 19 April 2009

Cloth of Gold

With all the talk and TV programmes these days about King Henry VIII and the 'Field of the Cloth of Gold', it's nice to know we have our own.....right outside our front door!

Dandelions are so easily overlooked but are remarkable plants. The fact is, there are many different species, and 'microspecies' of Dandelion. They may all look similar, but there are at least 235 different microspecies in Great Britain alone!
The colour continues all around Shipley Park at the moment, especially with these golden Cowslips.

Departing from the 'golden' theme for a moment, we found these beautiful little flowers this morning.

They belong to White Dead-Nettles. Again, a plant easily overlooked but a closer look shows off their showy flowers - and in this case a busy ant!
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