Friday, 21 November 2008

A Walk in the Park

Again it has been a nice day today so, to take advantage of this, Malcolm and I had a short walk around Locko Park. The parkland is part of the 300 acre estate of Locko Hall near derby.
Soon after we left the car and started our walk we were 'inspected' for our suitability by this fine-looking sheep. As the sheep didn't take further action, I think we passed his stringent entry exam and continued our walk!Although not the most spectacular stately home, Locko Hall has a look of grandeur about it.The estate has been inhabited by local land owners since the 11th century although the main hall as we see it today was built in 1720 by Francis Smith of Warwick. The grounds were landscaped around the turn of the 19th century.The fine lake is home to many birds although the Canada Geese had abandoned it for now in favour of grazing the adjoining fields.Running from the lake is a stream which Malcolm told me was the source of the Lees Brook, in which he used to play as a child and which gives it's name to a local school, surgery and many other places in the area.At the end of the walk and our 'turning round' point, we got to the gate houses of the hall. Two beautiful stone-built houses and a large sign reminding us that the gates are closed at 7pm sharp! The houses are now private dwellings but the one on the left of this picture seems exceedingly small.Back to the car and time to warm up. The wind was bitterly cold this morning and looks like it's going to get even colder over the weekend. More information about Locko Hall to be found HERE.
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