Thursday, 25 May 2017

Lake and Garden

While we were waiting to be rescued from our smoke-filled boat, we had ample time to enjoy the views across the water. In the foreground, the slight form of Monte Bre sat in front of larger Monte Boglia which marks another border between Switzerland and Italy. Away in the distance and shrouded in misty low cloud, the higher peak of Gazzirola sat between us and Bellinzona, the capital of the Ticino Canton.
Looking towards the city of Lugano we got a panoramic view of the various hotels and apartment buildings which lined the lakefront. Behind, the higher ground was that of the Parco del Tassino.
Looming over the southern part of the city, Monte San Salvatore dominated the scene.
All along the lake between Lugano and Gandria, houses seemed to cling to the edge of the land, dipping their toes into the lake. Whoever owns this house would certainly not be troubled by noisy neighbours.
Back on dry land, we walked around the beautiful, civic park. Known as the Parco Ciani, it was once the private garden around the Villa Ciani which still stands at its centre. Built by two brothers, Giacomo and Filippo Ciani between 1840 and 1843, it is now used for temporary art and historical exhibitions.
The grounds were well kept and planted with colourful bedding plants...
and a large number of specimen trees, some clipped into weird and wonderful shapes.
More of that tomorrow...
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