Friday, 8 April 2016

Black and Blue

Taking advantage of the lovely weather this morning, Malcolm and I set out for a longer walk to Osborne's Pond. On the way, we trudged up and over Shipley Hill and as we walked past the old Suffragette Wall, the sun was shining on some wonderful cushions of moss on the top.
Going by the scientific name Bryum capillare it is better known as Capillary Thread-moss and is common in the UK and can be seen all year round. The most obvious thing about this delightful little moss, has to be the reddish threads - or setae - which sprout up from the cushion and which are topped by green spore--producing capsules or sporophytes. Very attractive when looked at closely.
Further along the walk, a particularly lovely Blackthorn bush was in full bloom and enjoying the sunshine.
The first of this year's Bluebells are starting to show their colour too. Along the trails and among the leaf-litter they are gradually opening their flowers.
Still rather scarce, these pioneering little flowers are only the first of many more to come - we hope.
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