Saturday, 1 February 2014


At last!  Following what seems to months of dull, wet and generally horrible weather, we stepped out for a walk this morning, in bright sunshine.  Despite the welcome sun, there was a bitter wind blowing, which took the edge off the temperature and made us glad for our hats and scarves.  We set out for Straw's Bridge again as the footpaths are a little easier to negotiate - although still muddy and puddly.  Passing Pewit Carr, the old Nutbrook Canal breaks free of it's man-made boundaries and spills out through the carr and associated reed beds.  After all the recent rain, the water level has risen and is rushing through those reeds.
The tops of Great Reedmace are still hanging on and towering above the greying, dead reeds around them and the rushing water at their feet.
On to Straw's Bridge and 'Swan Lake' which seemed a bit of a misnomer this morning as there were no swans, but plenty of geese - mostly Canada Geese, but also a lone Greylag.
All the water fowl were gathered at one side of the lake (waiting for arriving bread bags), which left the other end of the lake almost deserted but still looking nice in the sunshine.
The clouds were starting to accumulate, promising yet more rain later in the day.  But it was nice to see a bit of blue sky for a change - while it lasted!
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