Tuesday, 26 March 2013


Once again, the bitter wind was finding ways into our clothing this morning as we walked to Straw's Bridge.  Although the worst of the snow seems to have stopped (for the time being), there is still plenty of it hanging around and where it has started to thaw, puddles have formed which froze over night and made certain parts of our walk rather 'tricky'.  The sun was doing it's best however, to break through the lowering clouds and it all made for some rather 'arty' shots.
By now, the Oaks should really be bursting into life and starting to show a little green among the branches, but the lone Oak tree on this corner was looking decidedly dormant today.
But at least the sun was trying to cheer the scene and if it hadn't been for the biting wind still blowing in from the east, it would have been a much better morning.  And there's still no sign of an improvement...
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