Tuesday, 25 September 2012


After the dreadful weather yesterday, it was good to get out for a walk around Straw's Bridge this morning.  It was cold, dull and still rather windy and things are looking - and feeling - very Autumnal.  The chill in the air wasn't noticed by the ducks and geese on the lake.
Having recently acquired their new plumage following their annual moult, they are almost constantly preening and bathing to keep the feathers in tip-top order.  Although, one Canada Goose is still having trouble with its deformed wings.  This poor bird has had no primary feathers all of its adult life, so has been confined to the ground (and water) and has never taken to the air.  But, despite this, it seems happy enough and fits in with all the others.
Another of the Canada Geese seemed to be entertaining the rest with a little 'goose-stepping' dance.
He was entertaining the ducks too.  Though this one appeared to be unimpressed.
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