Saturday, 14 January 2012


At last, we've had a decent, hard frost.  The first this Winter.  We woke to a temperature of -2.6C (the lowest we've had so far this season) and a good coating of frost on almost everything, including the Pyracantha at the front of our house.
Stepping out, suitably wrapped up with hats, scarves and thick coats, we decided on a longer walk than usual and it wasn't long before our decision was rewarded by some stunning, frosty sights.
 The bright, crisp sunshine and the 'Champagne cold' of the morning was just superb.
Walking along towards Mapperley Reservoir, the farmland scene was every bit as beautiful and despite the cold, the sheep didn't seem to be put off munching the frost-covered grass.
More pics of today's walk, tomorrow...
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