Thursday, 13 January 2011


As it was so mild this morning, we had a longer walk along the Nutbrook Trail, past Kirk Hallam.  We don't often walk along this route as it takes you past the Kirk Hallam school and this is not usually for the feint hearted.  Today however, we took the chance and enjoyed the walk.  Passing the lake known locally as the 'Beauty Spot', we were surprised to see ice still covering the largest part of it.
All was quiet as we gazed out across the icy waters and were serenaded by the Long-tailed Tits, Robins and Goldfinches.
In the past, we have seen Kingfishers flitting low across the lake, but there was no sign of them today.  Kingfishers have a lot of problems in icy weather and tend to migrate closer to the coast to avoid the worst of it.  It was nice to get a good walk this morning, but it was still very wet everywhere - best to keep to the tarmac footpaths.
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