Friday, 1 October 2010

Wet Again

Once again, we are confined to barracks. The rain is falling steadily, making a walk in the country a miserable prospect. So, some more pics from previous walks starting with a view across the lake which once formed an ornamental feature of Shipley Hall. Later, the lake was the scene of the Shipley Woodside Colliery and later still, it formed the central feature of the Britannia (later the American Adventure) theme park.
In 1896, the mine employed 591 people underground and a further 184 on the surface. Owned at that time by the Miller-Mundy family from the Hall, it mined coal for domestic and industrial use. Looks a bit different today thankfully.
One more picture for today. This one was taken yesterday on our rather misty walk around the lake mentioned above. The trees, shrubs and grass was almost covered with webs. Glistening in the struggling sunlight and coated in water droplets from the mist, they almost glowed white among the turning leaves of an Autumn morning. These 'hammock' shaped webs were particularly prevalent and in some cases, very large. I'm still working on what made them, I'll get back to you with that one....
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