Thursday, 16 September 2010


Malcolm and I got back home again last night at around 11 O'clock after our short trip to the Cité Europe to do a little wine shopping. Usually, when we go on these short shopping trips, we stay at Medway in Kent for a couple of nights. This time, we decided to spend just one night in Eastbourne before setting off for an afternoon/evening tunnel journey to France, then travelling straight back home after dark. This way we avoided the worst of the traffic on the M25 and M1.
We got to Eastbourne on Tuesday afternoon and found some free parking - quite a feat anywhere these days, but especially at the seaside. The weather wasn't very good, but we did have a nice sea view at the the Travelodge. This, from our window...
After dark, the pier was illuminated and made the view even more appealing, despite the gale-force wind and rain.
Wednesday morning was much brighter. The sun was shining and the wind had dropped. So, not having to check out of our room until 12 noon, we had a walk along the front and around the pier before setting off for the Channel Tunnel. Walking westwards, the views looking back to the pier were lovely...
As were the views looking westward, toward Beachy Head...
From the pier (of which, more tomorrow) we looked back onto the seafront, the hotels and a broad, shingle beach.
Then, it was time to check out and get into the car for a leisurely drive along the coast towards our appointment with the tunnel, France and a car-load of wine. Life's hard sometimes!
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