Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Swift and Wet

We had put our daily walk off until after lunch today because of the rain this morning. So, it was a quick dash around the Manners Floods, through Pewit Carr and back round Straw's Bridge, always with one eye on the looming clouds and one hand on the umbrella. What good thing we took the brolly. Half way round our walk and a few spots started to fall, followed by a few more, then more and soon it was pouring. Luckily, the Victorian engineers who built the old system of mineral railway lines around these parts, for the transportation of coal and ore, included a number of small bridges for us to shelter under! What foresight they had!
Just one photo today, of our path back home, taken from under one of those bridges as the rain fell.
Ten minutes later and we were on our way again and managed to get home in the dry once more, although the clouds are still threatening!
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