Sunday, 15 November 2009


While in Benidorm in January this year, Malcolm and I noticed that the Google Earth Car went past us one morning as we walked along the seafront. I have been keeping an eye on Google Earth since then to see if we would appear - and guess what! We have...
Here, I have managed to capture some screen shots from Google Earth. Google have come in for some stick recently from people who say that to have 'street view' pictures of themselves or their houses, etc. is an infringement of their privacy. How it can be invading your privacy to show a picture of your house on Google Earth when there is nothing to stop anyone actually walking past it and seeing it for themselves, is beyond me.
Others say they do not want to be shown in the photos - as we have been here - but, again, what is there to complain about? Google 'smudge' out the features of anyone who appears so they are difficult to identify so you have to know where to look and who you are looking for anyway. For example, would anyone have spotted Malcolm and I on the seafront of Benidorm from these pictures, if I hadn't pointed us out? Even if they had, why would it bother us? It is no secret that we were in Benidorm at the time! It seems to me that you could only complain about such things, if you were somewhere you were not supposed to be, or if you were doing something you were either ashamed of, or was illegal.
So, "good on ya" Google. Keep up the good work, we love it!
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