Monday, 1 June 2009


There were few people as popular as Malcolm and I this morning. I had found a large bag of bird seed in the shed the other day and, as our garden birds had 'turned their beaks up' at it, we decided to take it along to Straw's Bridge and give it to the ducks. Little did we know what we were letting ourselves in for. First to arrive as we started to scatter the grain, was a family of Canada Geese.

Funny, but we were saying only the other day how we never seem to see goslings and lo-and-behold, there they are!

Looking like long legged bundles of fluff, they seem to be a couple of weeks old already so where they have been hiding 'till now, is anyone's guess. But how gorgeous are they?

As I was squatting down to get closer to these little darlings, I didn't notice the Mute Swan giving me the eye and trying to muscle in on the pictures. "Go on then, give us a smile".

With chaos and a few fights breaking out among the geese, ducks, swans, etc. the grain ran out and we had to leave them to it. Just one more parting shot, but who's that in the background?

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